Custom Programs

Most of our tours are custom programs, designed to suit client interests and  schedules, and to complement related activities.

Some are based on the topics and itineraries covered in our set ¬†tours. ¬†Others are developed “from scratch”,¬†drawing on our existing store of ¬†local knowledge and know-how, with added work ¬†as needed to create ¬†a program that is like a fine tailored suit — carefully crafted, the right style, a perfect fit.

Custom Programs  can be open to the public or entirely private.   They can be stand alone events, or additions to larger programs featuring speakers, performers, exhibits, formal receptions, etc.

We highlight eras, characters, or other elements, and design the length and routing of the itinerary, to fit in with other activities you are planning. Pricing will vary with the duration and  nature of the program.  Contact us to discuss details and request a quote.

Sample Custom Programs

August 2012

As part of the Mechanics Institute Library program, Coit Tower San Francisco: Its History and Art,we conducted a special tour titled¬†Serious Mischief: Artists and Activists in North Beach. Our itinerary¬†was designed to¬†set a historical context for a visit to the¬†Coit Tower murals, pointing out¬†the¬†haunts and inspirations of major cultural figures, from the first Bohemians of the 1860s, to the activist literati of the 1930s, the Beats of the post WWII era ‚ÄĒ and the poets, painters, and others who contributed to social and political movements that have challenged the status quo and shaped our national consciousness to the present day.


September 2012

A Golden Gate Bridge Walk. ¬†For the marketing department of a bay area biotech company, we led a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, with ¬†commentary on the history, design, and ¬†lore of the bridge, the bay, and the region it knits together. ¬†This tour was part of a larger team-building program that ended with a lunch at Murray’s Circle, in Cavallo Point, on the north side of the Golden Gate.