Italy in the City

A Luscious Walk

Gino & CarloAcross over a hundred years of  San Francisco and U.S. history, through the geographic lens of one of the city’s most prominent ethnic communities –  Italians  — who, beginning late in the 19th Century, settled in North Beach, one of the city’s most beautiful — and sunniest – quarters.  By the turn of the 20th Century, Italian-Americans had become a shaping force in San Francisco’s artistic, political, economic and gastronomic life.

Winding our way through a slice of the city from the north east waterfront, we take in:

  • The site of old piers and produce markets, and the current temple of California culinary culture
  • The marble halls of finance established by Italian-American business innovators, who changed the reach and scope of the banking industry
  • The social clubs, churches, and mutual aid societies that redefined ethnic and national identity
  • Italian coffee culture – the places, equipment, and processes that brought espresso to the West
  • the legacy of Italian artisans — in food, fashion, and the arts
  • Fishermen and farmers, separation and coexistence in local symbols and rituals
  • The Italian-American love affair with baseball, and its role in the immigrant experience.

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